L’Estartit – Illes Medes

L’Estartit is located in the Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter Wetlands Natural Park, right in the middle of the Empordà, Catalonia. We can find the highlights of the identity of this territory in its limits, a place where nature has been generous presenting to visitors a fantastic landscape that embraces sea, mountain and river.

The territory of the Nature Park includes cultural landscapes that are unique in Catalonia. Here one can observe how man has interacted with the environment from the Paleolithic Age to the present day. L’Estartit, located right by the sea, was a typical fishing village, with old sailors’ taverns and strong seafaring traditions. Now is an important touristic destination.

Only 6 Km from the sea, we find Torroella de Montgrí, with an interesting historic centre. The Montgrí Massif, inhabited already 300.000 years ago, is the emblematic icon of this medieval village, crowned by an unfinished castle built between 1294 and 1301. This point is a fantastic balcony with breath taking views.

This territory has strong links with the sea, proudly represented by the Medes Islands and amazing little coves. The Medes Islands, an archipelago formed by 7 islands, are 1 mile distance from the coast and have been an ancient spiritual and military refuge. They are located in a strategic situation, therefore is a place from where pirates and corsairs committed incursions inland. Nowadays, these islands, the tail of the Montgrí Massif in the sea, can boast of being the best natural reserve in the western Mediterranean and a paradise for scuba divers.

The cultural and natural fluvial heritage is well represented by the Ter, the most important River in Girona area. Due to the River presence, the plain has ancestral cultivations of cereals, forage and fruit trees, and is divided by canals that make it look like a beautiful and colorful mosaic. The low part of the Ter River, that ends very near to l’Estartit, waters mainly fruit and rice fields, two types of cultivations that offer high quality products, very present in the cuisine of this region.

Estació Nàutica l’Estartit- Illes Medes is a water sport resort, a specialised tourist destination that offers not only a wide variety of water sports, but also other complementary outdoor activities. In Estació Nàutica L’Estartit- Illes Medes we organise, plan and book an almost unlimited of varied activities related to the sea, such as sailing, kayaking, diving, snorkelling, water skiing, etc… And for nature and sports lovers, Estació Nàutica provides of fantastic experiences in the Nature Park area, such as biking, hiking or trips on segway, among others. L’Estartit is a family destination, ideal to enjoy with the kids! Explore, discover and feel l’Estartit –Illes Medes!

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