Nautical Station Gran Canaria

The Nautical Station Gran Canaria
Nautical Station Gran Canaria offers many water activities all-year-round and this is complemented with a wide-range and varied accommodation offer, always with the highest guarantee and quality provided by the companies associated to the brand. Sailing, boat excursions, whale watching, surfing, speed-boats, parasailing and diving are only some of the many possibilities offered by Estación Náutica Gran Canaria

A destination for enjoying the sea 365 days a year

236 kilometres of coastline make Gran Canaria the perfect destination for all those who love the sea. Winds ideal for sailing, sea currents that favour the existence of large fish schools, spectacularly beautiful sea beds and the enjoyment of the eternal spring-like temperatures are only some of the natural conditions that make Gran Canaria a great sea resort open all-year-round.

As a consequence, Gran Canaria has developed complete infrastructure and services that allow the practice of different water activities and the holding of significant sport events such as the start of the ARC Transatlantic Regatta and the Gran Canaria PWA Windsurfing Grand Slam.

Gran Canaria offers perfect enclaves to enjoy all types of water activities, from areas with optimal conditions to go sailing up to spots with waves that have transformed Gran Canaria into the world Mecca for windsurf.  One must also highlight the biological and ecological richness of Gran Canaria’s marine wilderness, the beauty of which surprises everyone who decides to dive in its waters.

The island offers the best conditions for the practice of sailing in its various forms. Some of the main sites are spread throughout the island geography: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, mainly Bay and Las Canteras Las Alcaravaneras; and South, Maspalomas and Mogan area.

The wave conditions also favor the possibility of practicing sports like windsurfing, mode in Gran Canaria is considered as the second Mecca worldwide. The island has turn multiple spots for the development of the sport, not only in this mode, but also in Kitesurf, Surf and Bodyboard.
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