Nautical Station Rías Baixas

The Nautical Station Rías Baixas

It is the tourist center of Galicia, known for its cuisine, excellent seafood, fish and wines like Albariño. Throughout the Ria de Arosa to Sanxenxo you can find sixteen ports, which makes it ideal for any sport that has the sea as a base: Sailing, Fishing, Diving, etc.. Thousands of people each year choose these places to enjoy sports related to the sea and enjoy the adventure and wind.

This framework invites practicing sea sports, to relax in the beautiful scenery and enjoy the excellent cuisine. The table is set, come visit.

Destinations: Dive into … Our Bajas A little history; It is the largest estuary in Galicia. A legend says that God, after the effort of creation, support a fatigued at the end of the world and there was the mark of his fingers hand are five of the Rías Baixas Rias. The formation of the Rias is due to erosion caused by the water along with the movements of the earth. Million years ago, ancient valleys were invaded by the ocean, generated enough natural areas preserved saltwater tides but were protected from the open sea, which facilitated the development of a unique ecosystem.

The Rías Baixas are the quietest corner of the coast and therefore the more inhabited. Hence, it is the most tourist-oriented area. The blue Atlantic, the Miño and the green of the fields in the interior, determine the unique landscape of this part of Galicia.

We have the mild temperature of Galicia with a micro-climate benign, about 18 ° on average. The islands located at the entrance of each estuary are the governing force of the waves and cut before entering the estuary. These estuaries have an island in your entry that stops the wind and allows a more pleasant navigation. The Ria de Arosa has front island Salvora and de Arosa, Pontevedra has the island of Ons and Cies Islands are situated in front of Vigo. Some of these islands can be included in the National Park of the Atlantic Islands.
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Address: Puerto Deportivo Juan Carlos I, 8 – Sanxenxo
ZIP: 36960
Province: Pontevedra
Country: España
Phone: +34 661 952 357
Fax: +34 986 508 563
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